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The Global Passenger Survey (GPS) was commissioned in 2013 to create industry-standard insights for airlines and all those with an interest in the travel sector.
Partnering with 40 carriers, GPS surveyed passengers to uncover their opinions, behaviour and user satisfaction for airlines in Europe, Asia, North America, the Middle-East & Africa, creating the world’s largest independent airline passenger survey.
Wave I of The Global Passenger Survey was completed in 2014 and Wave II in 2015. The third wave is currently in the field.

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GPS provides individual airline reports for each participant airline, creating a wealth of confidential insights at a granular level. The standardization of the survey, hosted by an independent agency, allows these results to be aggregated, creating anonymized reports by region and carrier type, enabling each airline to confidentially benchmark their own performance against industry averages.

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The Global Passenger Survey reveals insights into the behavior of the world’s most desirable consumers and their engagement with travel media. GPS produces a wealth of insights around a range of topics, including passenger satisfaction, travel behaviour and planning, retail consumption, ancillary product consideration and media usage and effectiveness.

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