Ambient media opportunities with Ink

Our ambient media can deliver your brand’s message to a wide audience with a heightened travel mindset, who are alert and open to new ideas and opportunities.

At the airport – VIP lounge

Airline lounge advertising reaches 35% of all VIP frequent passengers, with 9 out of 10 of those passengers remembering at least one advert that they have seen there. Our advertising solutions allow you to reach this affluent and otherwise elusive audience as they relax before and after their flight:

  • Banner stands
  • Brochure pick-ups
  • Wi-Fi sponsorship
  • Digital displays

On board ambient media

Place your brand prominently inside the cabin with opportunities such as:

  • Seatback tray tables
  • Headrest covers
  • Overhead lockers
  • Inflight entertainment screens

Plane wraps

For headline grabbing attention for your brand, wrapping an entire plane in your image is hard to beat. Become an international topic of conversation as your branded plane takes off and lands in airports across the globe.

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