Advertising audiences with Ink - we are travel media

Everybody travels and your audience will be on board our airlines and interacting with our media. Whatever your proposition, you’ll find your target audience of real, engaged people in travel media:

  • 97% of passengers read the inflight magazine for an average of 25 minutes
  • Passengers look at their boarding pass over four times per journey


An affluent, self-selecting audience that love to travel:

We can build highly targeted campaigns with powerful selection and segmentation options:

    • 66% of all passengers are traveling for leisure purposes
    • 32% of all holiday bookings in Europe were made by passengers flying on Ink’s airlines
    • American and United Airlines passengers account for 62% of all international vacations taken from the USA
    • 95% of readers look for tourism features in the inflight magazine
    • 66% of passengers plan their next trip while traveling

    Business decision makers

    Frequent flyer executives and business decision makers who travel regularly to meet with clients, close deals and visit regional sites:

    • 34% of all Passengers are traveling for business purposes
    • 30% of all passengers are Senior Managers or above, and 9% are Chairs or Managing Directors
    • 25% of all US employees responsible for business procurement fly with Ink’s partners, and they’re responsible for spending decisions worth $837bn
    • 59% of readers look for Business news in the inflight magazine

    High net worth individuals

    Elusive and hard-to-reach, these rich global tastemakers travel in luxury on business and first class tickets and onboard chartered private jets

    • Passengers of 6 Ink airlines represent 28% of all Europeans earning €500,000+
    • American Airlines and United Airlines passengers represent 7% of all US households with net-worth of $1,000,000+
    • Ink European passengers represent 10% of all privately-owned EU stocks and shares
    • American and United Airlines passengers represent 33% of all US second properties bought last year
    • Ink UK passengers represent 53% of all UK-owned second properties
    • American and United passengers spent a total of $33bn on fine jewellery and watches last year


    A large and wealthy consumer audience with the spending power to drive your market:

    • 41% of all UK households earning over £50k fly with Ink airlines.
    • 84% of American and United passengers have a household income over $50k.
    • 34% of all UK credit card spending is made by Ink passengers, who spent a total of £2.6bn in the last month alone
    • One sixth of all US grocery spend was made by Ink passengers, spending a total of $3.6bn every week
    • Ink UK passengers spend £1.1bn a week on groceries, accounting for 24% of the total UK market
    • 23% of all new car purchases in the US this year were made by Ink passengers, who spent a total of $652bn on their most recent car lease or purchase
    • 29% of money spent on new UK car purchases last year was from Ink passengers, who spent £88bn

    Social Media Influencers

    A diverse and socially connected audience with the following to amplify your reach. Every day, real people across the world that love our travel media share inspiring images, stories and adventures from their travels. Check out what they’re up to today: